It´s not messy but it´s not clean either: Reviewing and discussing an Applied Linguistics textbook through a research ethics lens

Johanna Ennser-Kananen, Taina Saarinen, Nina Sivunen

Ethics, Applied language studies, Methodologies, Research process


Unexpected theoretical, methodological, and processual challenges are rarely discussed in the field of Applied Language Studies. In this discussion note, three Finland-based scholars explore ideas at the intersections of methodologies, ethics, and research identities through a research ethics lens, inspired by Heath Rose and Jim McKinley’s (eds.) volume Doing Research in Applied Linguistics: Realities, dilemmas and solutions (2017), which discusses ways to overcome problems that may emerge in any research process. The authors argue that presenting research processes as “polished” or “flawless” may conceal their knowledge construction aspects and thus miss important opportunities for developing research methodologies and ethics. Instead, they recommend making the unexpected and non-linear aspects of research processes visible and understanding them as integral parts of the process.

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