The context of second foreign languages in Swedish secondary schools: Results of a questionnaire to school leaders

Jonas Granfeldt, Susan Sayehli, Malin Ă…gren

Second foreign langugages, Sweden, Foreign language policy, Compulsory secondary education


This article reports the results of a survey focusing on the educational context of second foreign languages (SFL) to which 147 Swedish secondary school leaders responded. The study aims to provide a picture of how SFLs like German, French and Spanish are organised in a representative selection of Swedish schools across the country. The results of the survey show that there are major differences between languages when it comes to the language offer and the number of pupils and teachers in the respective languages. Moreover, there are also important differences between schools, some of which can be related to educational, socio-economic and regional aspects of the responding schools. A general conclusion of the survey is that conditions for SFLs currently vary across languages and across the country. One of the main challenges for the future seems to be to maintain a varying offer of languages in a majority of schools.

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Apples - Journal of Applied Language Studies